Cartoon Cats
Here's a list of some of the most famous Cartoon cats, each with their own flare:
This is garfields "lady friend" and is the only cat in the comics that can match his wit
This cat helps his partner in crime Gargamel to try and destory the smurfs
3.Cat in the Hat:
The most popular character in the Dr.Seuss books, he teaches everyone to enjoy the ride
4.The Cheshire Cat:
Offers his frustrating advice to others in Alice in Wonderland
5.Felix the cat:
The first every cartoon cat is always up for a laugh
His love of lasgana, napping and teasing the dog makes him the most popular cartoon cat yet
7.Hello Kitty:
She doesnt say much, but she pops up everywhere
Calvins playmate in the famous "Calvin and Hobbes" comics. To Calvin Hobbes is a friend, to everyone else he is just a stuffed animal
9.Pink Panther:
The only pink cat
10.Puss in Boots:
An extraordianry cat with a plan for his unsuspecting master
The most obnoxiously energetic cat
Most commonly recognized as Mister Geppetto and Pinocchios pet cat. He also appears in shorts like Minnies Bow-Toons playing Minnie Mouses pet cat. You can find Figaro at Disney Parks in a few spots like Pinocchios Daring Journey and Celebrate a Dream come True Parade. At Fantasy Faire in disneyland figaro can be seen sleeping on some of the windows occasionally being awaken by a cat who sings disney songs. 

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