Cat facts
All about Cats
1.Every year, 4 million cats are eaten in Asia
2.Unlike dogs, cats dont have a sweet tooth
3.Cats usually spend 2/3 of their day sleeping
4.Cats can make 100 different sounds
5.There are more than 500 million domesticated cats right now
6.24 cat skins can make a coat..
7.In the middle ages, cats were associated with witchcraft
8.Cats are north americas most popular pet with 73 million owned. There are only 63 million dogs owned
9.The first cat in space was a French cat named Felicette
10.The word cat comes from the latin orgin catus
11.40,000 people are bitten by cats anually in the U.S
12.Cats can hear better than dogs
13.When cats died in ancient egypt, the family would mourn by shaving their eyebrows off
14. In 1888, 300,000 cats were found in an egyptian cemetry, They were dug up and used for fertilizer for farmers in England and the U.S
15. In Europe and North America black cats are considered un-lucky, while in Britian and Australia they're considered lucky.
16. The most popular cat is the Persian Cat
17. In the orginal Itlian verson of Cinderella, the fairy godmother was in the shape of a cat
18. A cat lover is called an Ailurophilia
19. 1/3 of cat owners believe their cat can read their mind
20. In the 1750's, cats were introduced in the Americas to get rid of pests
21. The first ever cat show was in 1871 in London,England. Afterwards, cats became a worldwide craze
22. The first cartoon cat was Felix the cat in 1919
23. The famous musical Cats was created in 1981
24. Cats have 230 bones in their body
25. Cats urine is glow in the dark when a black light is flashed upon it
26. During its productive life, a female cat may give birth to more than 100 kittens
27. Sir Isaac Newton invented the cat door
28. Kittens begin dreaming when they're over a week old
29. Each year americans spend  4 billion dollars on cat food. Thats more money than what is spent on baby food!
30. Most cats do not have eyelashes
31. Cats used to deliever mail in Belgium in the 1800's
32. When cats are happy, they squeeze their eyes shut
33. Cats can see so well in the dark they can reflect light
33 unusual Cat facts: